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Here is her description of Loyal at a point when he is out of work again: The mirror drew his eyes like a tunnel opening into another world. He had not looked in so long, still thought of himself as a young man, strong arms, the black fine hair and hot blue eyes. His face, he saw had gaunted out. The blue mirror frame enclosed his fixed features.

Brokeback Mountain: the Opera

The ruddy liveliness, the quick rage of the eyes had faded. His eyes did not change when women walked past. It could be, he thought, that spark was finally dead. But did not believe it. I think I am going have to read Proulx's latest novel, Barkskins, to see if she still has her writing chops. Proulx interweaves a series of seemingly disjointed episodes from multiple subjective vantage points with a sophisticated and deliciously ambiguous symbolic system.

Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain and Postcards

The ingenious structure somehow manages to avoid being contrived and the gorgeous yet restrained language is infused with humour and pathos. Whilst it works perfectly as a great yarn, the themes of self-exile and moral decay are reminiscent of Faulkner and his later acolyte Cormac McCarthy in his prime.

It is stunning that this was a first novel and in my humble opinion has yet to be topped by the author who went on to be celebrated for The Shipping News and Brokeback Mountain. Cooper Aug 18, This was Annie Proulx's first novel, and it was an ambitious undertaking.

It is the saga of the Blood family, Vermont dirt farmers for whom good fortune is always elusive. The story begins with an ambiguous sudden death--the reader understands the circumstances, but not the cause--which compels the only real farmer in the family, Loyal, to hide his lover's corpse and "light out for the territory", leaving behind his plans to modernize the farm and finally make it something to be proud of.

The reader, of course, does know what befalls the rest of the Blood tribe Mink, Otter, Jewel Through it all, we wonder when somebody is going to turn up that body. Not for those who are looking for an uplift, but I'm kind of a sucker for these hard-scrabble, down-on-their-luck poor folks in the hands of a fine story-teller. In fact Loyal has just buried Billie under a field wall.

For the next forty-four years, as he wanders America's west, Loyal sends postcards to his family back home on the farm, not imagining that anything has changed since the night he left.

This, Proulx's first novel, first published in , is harsher than The Shipping News. Following the Blood family fortunes from to the s, Proulx reflects the lives of a substantial sector of America's rural poor through during the mid-twentieth century. Annie Proulx.

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Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 1, 35 6, 3. As the family slowly disintegrates, its members struggle valiantly against the powerful forces of loneliness and necessity, seeking a sense of home and place forever lost. Loyal Blood, eldest son, is forced to abandon the farm when he takes his lover's life, thus beginning a quintessentially American odyssey of solitude and adventure. Yearning for love, yet forced by circumstance to be always alone, Loyal comes to symbolize the alienation and frustration behind the American dream.

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This myth, of course, is far from dead as the movies featuring John Wayne and others clearly demonstrates. It is a myth which Jack and Ennis largely buy into. Of less interest, for me at least, was his psychological exploration of Jack and Ennis where both of them are portrayed as existing in a state of arrested development. His reading of the short story itself as a pastoral tragedy I found convincing.

Week 13- Analysis of Brokeback Mountain

It is perceptive, detailed and often illuminating. Some of the aspects that he touches on - like the domestic imprisonment of both men - could easily form discussion topics for a board like this. His discussion of the movie version is briefer but often insightful. It is a fairly easy read, with about forty smallish pages given over to Brokeback Mountain.