e-book Conflicts of Empires: Spain, the Low Countries and the Struggle for World Supremacy, 1585-1713

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Klier, Journal of European Studies 'Important, readable, illuminating In this updated third edition, Professor Israel adds the new evidence from recent research to support the several important themes For both the academic specialist as well as the reader with a general interest, Professor Israel's monograph makes a scholarly and accessible contribution Burnett, Sixteenth Century Journal. This survey history of Jewish life and culture in early modern Europe is the first to focus on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as a radically new phase in Jewish history.

The book lays particular emphasis on the reversal of trends in western and central Europe in the late sixteenth century, which was followed by a rapid increase in Jewish numbers and activity, and far-reaching reorganization of Jewish society and institutions. A major consequence of these changes was a much expanded and more varied Jewish role in European civilization as a whole.

The first edition of this book was the joint winner of the Wolfson Literary Prize for History in For this third edition, the book has been updated and includes a new introduction. Tracey , "The Rise of Merchant Empires. Unger , "Dutch Shipbuilding before Ships and Guilds" , Assen R. Nichi-Ran Gakkai, Vlekke, Bernard H. Destmet-Huysman, Kortrijk, Belgique, Van Der Wee and E.

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Conflicts of empires : Spain, the Low Countries and the struggle for world supremacy, 1585-1713

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John C. Olin , ed. Jan Papy , 'Learned, Wise and Good. James A. Parente , "Religious drama and the humanist tradition: Christian theatre in Germany and the Netherlands - " , Leiden Albert Rabil, Jr. The most comprehensive, thorough, and up-to-date study of humanism. Essays are by leading experts and trace developments in each region of Europe and in each aspect of humanism.


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Anyone doing research on humanism must start here. Books and publications of Peter van Rooden. McGrath, Darren C. Marks eds. Published by Brill Academic Publishers, Gordon Rupp, Philip S.

Edited and translated by Joyce L. Irwin ,. Po-Chia Hsia en H. See there J. Spaans , "Time for prayer and time for work. Swanson, ed. Kenneth Albert Strand , "Essays on the northern renaissance". Ann Arbor Publishers, Eugene Osterhaven. Published by Baker Book House, ASIN: X. Johns R. From the files of Rev. James Visscher, Surrey, B.

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Patricia U. Joyce D. Oliver A. Peter G. Isbn 90 4. Nancy Anne McClure Zeller, ed. I haven't been able to find all data like publishers and such of the books listed below. I can advise in those cases to use following links to try to get some more information:. De Halve Maen 35 : 4. Archdeacon, Thomas J. George M. NY: Oxford University Press, In: William Pencak and Conrad E. Wright, eds. Bayer, Henry G. NY: Devin-Adair, Bidwell, Percy W.

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Condon, Thomas J. Cooley, Henry S. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press,

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