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It begins with revenue and the direct costs associated with revenue to identify gross profit. It then moves to operating profit which subtracts indirect expenses such as marketing costs, general costs, and depreciation.

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Finally it ends with net profit which deducts interest and taxes. Basic analysis of the income statement usually involves the calculation of gross profit margin, operating profit margin, and net profit margin which each divide profit by revenue. Profit margin helps to show where company costs are low or high at different points of the operations.

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The cash flow statement provides an overview of the company's cash flows from operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities. Net income is carried over to the cash flow statement where it is included as the top line item for operating activities. Like its title, investing activities include cash flows involved with firmwide investments. The financing activities section includes cash flow from both debt and equity financing.

The bottom line shows how much cash a company has available.

Companies and analysts also use free cash flow statements and other valuation statements to analyze the value of a company. Free cash flow statements arrive at a net present value by discounting the free cash flow a company is estimated to generate over time. Private companies may keep a valuation statement as they progress toward potentially going public. Financial statements are maintained by companies daily and used internally for business management.

In general both internal and external stakeholders use the same corporate finance methodologies for maintaining business activities and evaluating overall financial performance. When doing comprehensive financial statement analysis, analysts typically use multiple years of data to facilitate horizontal analysis. Each financial statement is also analyzed with vertical analysis to understand how different categories of the statement are influencing results. Finally ratio analysis can be used to isolate some performance metrics in each statement and also bring together data points across statements collectively.

Balance sheet: asset turnover, quick ratio, receivables turnover, days to sales, debt to assets, and debt to equity. Income statement: gross profit margin, operating profit margin, net profit margin, tax ratio efficiency, and interest coverage. These metrics may be shown on a per share basis. Also DuPont Analysis. Financial Statements. Financial Analysis.

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Income Statement. Analysis using ratios is used to calculate the relative size of one figure in relation to another, which can then be compared to the ratio for a prior period. This method of conducting financial statement analysis includes the following categories of ratios:. Financial statement analysis is crucial for complying with business laws and regulations, while also meeting the needs of stakeholders and various other parties.

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But in order to conduct accurate financial statement analysis, developing skills and intuition is as important as following best accounting practices. Financial statement analysis can benefit organizations in numerous ways. It provides internal and external stakeholders with the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding investing. And as top executives and others in management rely on accounting to provide an accurate depiction of the effects of their decisions, financial statement analysis helps with matters of corporate governance as well.

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    Methods of Financial Statement Analysis Financial statement analysis can be conducted using either horizontal and vertical analysis, or analysis that uses ratios. Examples of liquidity ratios include the cash coverage ratio, current ratio, quick ratio and liquidity index. Examples of activity ratios include the accounts payable turnover ratio, accounts receivable turnover ratio, fixed asset turnover ratio, inventory turnover ratio, sales-to-working capital ratio and working capital turnover ratio.

    Examples of leverage ratios include the debt service coverage ratio, debt-to-equity ratio and fixed charge coverage. Examples of profitability ratios include the contribution margin ratio, gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, break-even point, margin of safety, return on equity, return on net assets and return on operating assets.