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Nearby words powderman , powdery , powdery mildew , powell , powell, colin , power , power amplifier , power assist , power base , power behind the throne , power brake. Idioms the powers that be , those in supreme command; the authorities: The decision is in the hands of the powers that be.

Eight Types of Leadership Power

See potent 1. Synonym study 3. See strength.

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Origin of pow 1 An Americanism dating back to — Examples from the Web for power Would the Democrats rescind those rights if they were to return to power? Mary Marston George MacDonald. Roy Blakeley Percy Keese Fitzhugh. The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. Renaissance in Italy Vol.

Freedom's Battle Mahatma Gandhi. The power of a test of a given null depends on the particular alternative hypothesis against which it is tested.

Rational-Legal Authority

It is measured in watts, horsepower, etc Symbol: P. It is expressed, in a direct-current circuit, as the product of current and voltage and, in an alternating-current circuit, as the product of the effective values of the current and voltage and the cosine of the phase angle between them. It is measured in watts as modifier a power amplifier. It is measured in dioptres another word for magnification.

See also power down , power up. Scot the head or a head of hair. Word Origin for pow a Scot variant of poll. Scot a creek or slow stream.

The 5 Types of Power in Leadership

Word Origin for pow C from earlier Scots poll. The capacity to perform or act effectively. Strength or force that is exerted or that is capable of being exerted. The amount of work done per unit time. A measure of the magnification of an optical instrument, such as a microscope or telescope. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

You Need To Know The 7 Types Of Power If You Want To Succeed

The source of energy used to operate a machine or other system. The rate at which work is done, or energy expended, per unit time. Power is usually measured in watts especially for electrical power or horsepower especially for mechanical power. No matter how they run team, each leader usually exhibits at least one of these types of leadership power.

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Legitimate power is traditional power — it is the type of power a manager, executive, or another leading official in a company has due to the status of their position. One gains information power when they know something other people want to know. This information could be anything from gossip to intricate knowledge about a person or company. People who have more knowledge or experience than other members of their team exhibit expert power.

For example, an executive with 20 years of experience in their field has expert power over a recent college graduate who is just starting their career. A leader who has the ability to reward an employee or team member with money, praise, etc.


Coercive power is the opposite of reward power; a leader who can punish an employee or team member has coercive power. Someone with referent power may also be close to an executive with legitimate power.

While they may or may not have an established network of contacts, they usually have a natural ability to persuade or inspire others. A leader who has moral power over his or her employees and exhibits ethical leadership has been placed on a pedestal, so to speak, due to their beliefs and actions.

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