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It also would have been helpful for Lockheed Martin to consider the list of technical risks specific to software projects outlined by the Project Management Institute , some of which include defects, capacity scale issues, performance requirements, ease of software use, changing scenarios, and more. The project manager should use expert judgment, and possibly employ the insight of business analysts, to brainstorm potential risks and determine the likelihood of each risk so they can prioritize them and implement a plan for mitigation. It seems likely that an experienced software engineer would have been aware that system memory overload was possible if incomplete data were supplied.

Treatment Plan Fontaine spells out the importance of creating treatment plans for intolerable and tolerable risks.

How then, did they overlook the possibility of a memory shortage related to incomplete or substantial data inputs? The project manager should have adhered to the following process to ensure a thorough approach to risk management:.

Had this been done, it is likely that data and memory concerns could have been identified as an intolerable technical risk and the design requirements updated accordingly to make it a more tolerable risk. A cost-benefit analysis could identify the costs associated with various approaches to technical risks; for example, delivering more memory or requiring flight plans to provide all data required by the ERAM software.

A cost-benefit analysis would certainly show that requiring this data to be entered by another party, defined by the Project Management Institute as transferring, would be less costly and more beneficial in the end, and likely would have moved this risk from an intolerable risk to a tolerable risk.

Risk Evaluation

There are other more detailed approaches to analyzing, such as statistical models and data mining models, which might also be used for a software project of this size Hu et al. Regardless of the methods chosen, the basic premise remains the same. Planning for technical risks is nonnegotiable, and evaluating and reevaluating risks regularly is extremely important as it allows the project manager and other stakeholders to assess for changing conditions or requirements.

Conclusion In summary, project risk is unavoidable, especially for complex software projects. Risks must be categorized for these types of projects into project risks and technical risks so that mitigation for the end product can begin during the design process.

Risk and How to use a Risk Matrix

Intolerable technical risks should be addressed first and include a treatment plan, and tolerable technical risks should be assessed using a cost-benefit or other analysis and include a treatment plan. She has nearly 20 years of experience in the higher education publishing industry and has spent her career working with nursing and health profession thought leaders and authors to produce hundreds of textbooks and online resources. She spends her free time volunteering as a tutor in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and she loves to run and practice kickboxing.

Process of Risk Management

Article was published on projectmanagement. Checklists may also be based on previous project risks. These risk types are typically not separated out, but instead they are prioritized by probability. The second method is classification, which is usually used to categorize checklists by some framework.

Because checklists are generic and detailed, classification can help prioritize risks by category. The third method is process modeling, which specifies risk management activities through a formal process that gives context, identifies, analyzes, and evaluates risk, and addresses mitigation, communication, and consultation. The project manager should have adhered to the following process to ensure a thorough approach to risk management: identify intolerable risks identify tolerable risks create a treatment plan for intolerable risks create a cost-benefit analysis to reduce tolerable risks output a risk register update the risk register regularly and at the end of each project phase Fontaine, Had this been done, it is likely that data and memory concerns could have been identified as an intolerable technical risk and the design requirements updated accordingly to make it a more tolerable risk.

References Fontaine, M. Chapter 4 — Project risk management. Green Ed.

Risk Identification

Waltham, MA: Elsevier. Halsey, A. The Washington Post.

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This practical book will help readers eliminate surprises and keep projects on track. Newell; Marina N. Read preview Overview. Business Credit, Vol. When Our Chip Comes in