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Large Deviations for Gaussian Queues demonstrates how the Gaussian traffic model arises naturally, and how the analysis of the corresponding queuing model can be performed. The text provides a general introduction to Gaussian queues, and surveys recent research into the modelling of communications networks.

Coverage includes:. Large Deviations for Gaussian Queues assumes minimal prior knowledge. It is ideally suited for postgraduate students in applied probability, operations research, computer science and electrical engineering. The book's self-contained style makes it perfect for practitioners in the communications networking industry and for researchers in related areas. Review "The book maybe useful for specialists connected with queuing theory and working in applied probability. Markov Processes and Related Fields , 5 1 , Branching processes in the analysis of the heights of trees.

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Lecture 25 Queuing Network Models by MIT OCW

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A Nonstationary Offered-Load Model for Packet Networks

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