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Lessons from the Greatest Trader of All Time

After all, who better to learn from than the most successful investors of all time. Granted, some of those profiled here aren't investors.

In their own words, Livermore and Baruch called themselves speculators. But their goal was to make profits for their money.

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It is very interesting to note that the 5 profiled cover investing in the stock market for nearly a century and that all the prinicples apply to this very day. It is inspirational for those who want to succeed in the market to read about these indiviudals, their life mission, their strategies, their successes, their failures, the lessons learnt.

I don't want to state what is all in the book.

www.thomsoneastereggcelebration.com/wp-content What is great is the opportunity to read about all these five in one place. The last chapter is well written summarizing the strategies of the five. The book itself is an easy read without you having to beat your brains out trying to remember all you read.

The lessons are very crystal clear to sink in. The chapter on William O' Neal is a bit longer compared to others.

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The book does not explain a combined system of trading, nor does it capture all the trades for every year each of these traded. This is not the point.

For that, this book is a must read and a must addition to your investing library. The author did a great job of staying on point, showing the similarities and the differences between 5 of the best traders known to the public. I like how the author picked traders from different eras and as Livermore said " what happened before will happen again and again". That is the beautiful part about the stock market, it provides traders an opportunity to use human nature and markets to make a huge living.

As the author states the basic trading styles of each you realize how similar they are and the main thesis are basically the same. A very good book to help remind the trader of great principles and if you are just starting to trade, you can't go wrong with this one. Steve Burns. I really wish I had read this book earlier in my studies on trading stocks. I was lucky to be mentored by veteran traders early on in my trading career.

Their advice, based upon thousands of hours of market experience, contributed greatly to who I am today, and I never fail to mention, during trading seminars or public events, that by tapping on their experience, I was able to quickly attain a level of success that kept me profitable. Hi, Spencer here! FB Messenger: synapsetrading Telegram: iamrecneps Email: info synapsetrading.

As a former professional trader in private equity and proprietary funds, I have over 15 years of market experience, and have been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media.

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