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Match Em Up Alphabet Game.

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Me and The Key - Logic Game. Me and The Key 2 - Logic Game. Me and The Key 3 - Logic Game. Mila's Magic Shop.

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Moles in Holes. Papa's Burgeria - Logic Game. Papa's Cheeseria - Logic Game.

Papa's Cupcakeria - Logic Game. Papa's Donuteria. Papa's Freezeria - Logic Game. Papa's Hot Doggeria - Logic Game. Papa's Pancakeria - Logic Game. Papa's Pastaria - Logic Game. Papa's Pizzeria - Logic Game. Papa's Taco Mia - Logic Game. Papa's Wingeria - Logic Game. Parking Lot.

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Pattern Memory. Pattern Memory 2. Pocket Change Coin Combo. Rolling Cube. Rolling Hero 1. Rolling Hero 2. Rolling Hero 3. Rubik's Snake. Sandwich Shop. Seesaw Logic - Weight Game. Sequence Master. Snail Bob 2 - Logic Game. Snail Bob 3 - Logic Game. Star and Coins. Sugar Sugar. Sugar Sugar 2 - Logic Game. Tetra Squres. Thanksgiving Dinner. The Alchemist. The Bonte Room. Tic Tac Toe. I LOVE this game, and so do my students.

This is one game I cannot keep on the shelf!

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I love how students have to physically manipulate each piece to get the ball to roll from the pre-determined starting point to end point. This is great for your students who really need to be working with their hands to stay engaged! Each of these Color Sticks contains seven colors in various orders. The goal is to align yours to have as many like-colors touching as possible.

For example, in the image above, I would get 7 points for lining up all of those purples together, as well as 7 points for the greens there are two touching towards the top , 7 points for yellow, 3 points for red, 4 points for orange, and 7 points for blue, totaling 35 points! This game is very similar to Cart Before the Horse, but it uses no language. The rules about which pieces can and cannot touch other pieces are embedded into the game itself.

For example, the dog cannot be next to the cat because duh! The cat cannot be next to the mouse again duh! You get the point! I love having this language-free option in my classroom because it ensures inclusion and collaboration amongst ALL of my students.

Mathematical game

For Tetris lovers, it adds a logical element on top of the visual-spatial manipulation of the pieces! How can you say no to that? I started making these math logic puzzles when I taught first grade as another way to help my students apply what they had learned about addition and subtraction. My students just kept asking me to make more, so I made new sets, month after month. When I moved from first to third grade, I knew I had to make more, because they were such an engaging center and really pushed their mathematical reasoning skills.

Mathematical puzzle

You can find these math logic puzzles HERE! These cubes are pretty with a purpose! Similar to cart before the horse, this game works in rows and columns! I also just need to mention how easy the clean-up is for this activity. The board is also where the cubes are stored, so all the students have to do is put the cards in the bag!

As the year goes on, I like to add this game into the mix. First, you have to place the four game boards down in a specific order which is definitely not as simple as it sounds, and varies with each puzzle! Then, depending on the level, you place a certain amount of pieces down by coping their placement from the directions card. Finally, your job is to take the remaining pieces and figure out how they fit onto the board.

We actually had to make a list to keep track of whose turn is was for this game, it was that popular. I mean…lasers? I am going to say right off the bat, that you need to model this game for your students before ever putting it out for independent use. Otherwise you are leaving yourself open to lasers in the eye, pointing them at places and people during center time, and creating distractions. This activity is doubly awesome if you are ever teaching about light in science, or angles in math.

Kids love trying to manipulate the mirror and predict which way it will reflect the light! These are kind of like Sudoku puzzles, but they require you do addition and subtraction while you work! Each column and row uses numbers once like Sudoku uses I hope this collection has inspired you to try out some new logic games and puzzles to encourage a growth mindset in your classroom. These activities help develop parts of mathematical thinking that are too often overlooked. They are so incredibly important! How should I organize my classroom library? We will dive into all of the following topics: bins vs.

The disclaimer I put out there before. I love many parts of our classroom, but one of my favorites is our slipper wall. My students come in every morning and change into their slippers. How can we create a safe learning environment for our students? How can we create spaces where our students feel understood and appreciated for who they are? I am going to be answering these questions, and highlight some of the ways to I create a safe learning environment in my classroom.

I hope a lot of what I include will affirm what you are already. Thank you for this awesome list! I teach 4th graders. Everyone plays at the same time, so no one gets bored waiting. Ticket to Ride and Code Names are current family favorites. They are much more fun than their descriptions on Amazon would lead you to believe. Thanks for your wonderful information! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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