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Natural talent is a concept that goes back thousands of years. Ancient mythology is full of stories of vastly skilled masters of their craft who were rumoured to have been born with their talents — gifts from the gods. This idea of being born with a natural talent still persists today and is heard most in relation to great sportspeople or musicians, or to someone who is new to a sport or activity and yet shows some early skill or aptitude for it.

Insights… practise all you want but only natural talent takes you to the top

By this definition, the key advantage of natural talent is that it allows the individual a steep learning curve, whereby he or she acquires skills readily with less practice or hard work than the average person. This implies that each individual has a ceiling that caps the highest level of performance they can attain, no matter how hard or long they train. For gifted performers, this ceiling is said to be higher.

We all know the concept, and it is woven into every part of our lives. It is the cornerstone of many talent scouting programs, which look to recruit children with raw or untapped talent that they can build upon with refined training.

Does Talent Exist? Is Talent Just Hard Work? (animated)

This is because natural talent is seen as an absolutely essential and unchangeable component of a top performer. It is thought that without natural talent you can only go so far. The concept of natural talent is important to explore because most people consider it an ingredient essential for success see our previous post discussing the formula for tennis performance.

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But while the general public carries on merrily using a lack of natural talent as a reason not to pursue certain activities, or as an excuse for under-performance, there are researchers who are interested in what really makes great performers great and whether it has anything to do with natural talent at all. I received excellent feedback on the Training and Coaching activities, all good!

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