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Case studies of 11 terrorist groups in Mindanao, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and southwest Colombia show how these groups have exchanged technologies and knowledge in an effort to innovate i. Global fragmentation. The world debates definition of terrorism as Irish and Tibetan militants alienate Britain and China. The U. In the first world: Political gridlock and economic turbulence. In the third world: Increasing fluidity.

Economy continues to depend on underground goods like hashish. They don't mature. Have's are tied up in the old system. Have not's have more freedom and shift alliances at will. Refugees move around locally. International travel is more difficult. The war takes place between civilizations with different identities. Lots of countries don't develop economically. Standard banking system and financial systems at war; the underground financial system gets stronger.

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Pakistan goes radical-Islamic; this leads to militant-Islamic use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear winter: Everybody loses. Blind arrogance in Western Governments. Like The March of Folly. The new Pakistan government sends nuclear bombs through some means into Israel, India, and into Russia from Chechnya. There are also organized terrorist attacks against nuclear power plants. A wave of Chernobyl-like explosions devastates the North. US retaliates and wipes out Pakistan. But the world is sick in the North.

Mass migrations take place south. People start moving underground. The southern hemisphere takes control. NZ replaces the stock exchange. The one silver lining of this future is that we will probably know if it's plausible months before the attacks actually happen, because it will take that long to get the weapons in place. The war is easier than we thought. Terrorists are caught, contained and discredited, just like the militias after Oklahoma City.

There is a kind of Renaissance under pressure: The US wins this new kind of war by reinventing itself as a new kind of society. We see humanistic shifts in civilian and military life within the U. One keystone of this is the Powell Doctrine. We are focused on solving one problem: to notch back the Al-Queida network. We win the war, but a limited war.

At the same time, we repel terrorism by developing the kind of maturity in our institutions and culture that makes terrorism unpalatable to the rest of the world. Our transformations allowed us to prevail where old-style US attitudes would have lost. Except that history leaves us thinking differently. There is less dependence on oil.

Many refugees settle here. Industrial systems are reshaped. Military technology rapidly changes civilian sphere. The UN is strengthened outside the US. Tribes override nations. It's a world of homelands. Political change -- We let Iran take over the radical elements. Jordan rises. Egypt rises. Syria rises. All become more democratic gradually. Eventually we go back into Iraq with a coalition and overturn Saddam, from a moral high ground.

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Slow evolution from business as usual to political stability. Nation-states weakened.

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International tensions are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We got into a mess, and barely got out, and say "Never again. But the economic damage of being a "smoking' state is evident, and these are marginalized. The UN is terrible at leading, but it turns out to be good at brokering.

The world is not getting involved in Civil Wars. There is increasing empathy and understanding of root causes of terrorism and negative effects of globalization. There is investment in Telecom -- opportunities expand in media and communications. Underneath it, there is a continuing "Frankenstein" syndrome -- we civilianize military technology such as GPS and remote commnications, but the terrorists keep using new technologies to create new problems.

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