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John S. What Is Populism? German Europe. Ulrich Beck. The Meaning of Marxism. Paul D'Amato.

A History of Germany - Mary Fulbrook. The Transatlantic Century. Mary Nolan. Conservative Parties and the Birth of Democracy. Daniel Ziblatt. Franze Neumann.

The Politics of Responsibility: a Response to the Crisis of Democracy (Prof. Dr. Timothy Snyder)

Imperial Germany James Retallack. Lenny Flank. Europe since Philipp Ther. From the Bonn to the Berlin Republic. Jeffrey Anderson. Weimar Germany. Anthony McElligott. Borrowing Constitutional Designs. Cindy Skach.

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After the Nazi Racial State. Rita Chin. German Colonialism. Sebastian Conrad. The Fall. Steven Saxonberg. Fire and Flames. Geronimo Geronimo. The Nazi Voter. Thomas Childers. Dennis Sweeney. The Politics of Citizenship in Europe. Notes and Recollections.


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Ludwig von Mises. African Anarchism. Sam Mbah. Legality and Legitimacy. Carl Schmitt. East Germany in Comparative Perspective. Thomas A. The Ideological Origins of Nazi Imperialism.

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Woodruff D. Between Reform and Revolution. David E. Retribution and Reparation in the Transition to Democracy. Jon Elster. Seva Gunitsky. Forging Democracy. Geoff Eley. The Paradox of German Power. Hans Kundnani. Socialism and the Emergence of the Welfare State. Allan Mitchell. Women in Twentieth-Century Europe. Professor Ann T. United Germany. Konrad H. Populist Parties and the Failure of the Political Elites.

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The Politics of the New Germany. Pardee and Helen N. In providing economic aid to Eastern Europe and the former USSR, many Western governments fear that they may be creating future economic competitors. With the global economy in the midst of a deep recession, Economic Vulerability in International Relations is a timely assessment of the prospects for East-West trade in the post-Cold War era. Crawford argues that during the Cold War, U. Policies based on these considerations are likely to persist in the post-Cold War world. Praeger Publishers The Convergence of Civilizations? University of Toronto Press, It uses the case of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership to inquire into the conditions under which a group of countries and peoples come to feel themselves somehow connected to each other.

The authors are pioneers in the constructivist research program, and this book constitutes an important empirical contribution to a new and exciting way of thinking about international relations. Both policy-makers and scholars will find in this volume a radical new contribution to the study of regional security and peace and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Adler and Crawford present the theoretical framework that underpins this endeavour.

From a theoretical perspective, they suggest thinking about region building as a practice of regional governance. This conceptual contribution is a refreshing addition to a field which is undertheorised and helps advance the dialogue between IR and Mediterranean Studies towards new theoretical grounds.

  • Continuity and Change in Germany's Turbulent Twentieth Century.
  • The Postwar Transformation of Germany: Democracy, Prosperity and Nationhood.
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Lipschutz, Berkeley: International and Area Studies, European Dilemmas after Maastricht , co-editor with Peter W. Schulze Berkeley: International and Area Studies, Berkeley International and Area Studies, Progress in Post-War International Relations. Nye and Stanley Hoffmann. The chapters are realistic in underlining that progress comes primarily through learning and politics.

The postwar transformation of Germany : democracy, prosperity, and nationhood

Finally, because much of this is exploratory work, it will help spawn important debates and further research. Schulze Berkeley: Institute of International Studies, We ship our books to over countries around the globe and we are always looking to add more countries to the list. We really, really love books and offer millions of titles, currently over 10 million of them, with this figure increasing daily.

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