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Each chapter is clearly marked, separated and organized into sections with heading of Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Management placed in a numbered fashion similar to an objective structured clinical examination.

Some sections also have useful hints and tips. Covering the basics of treatment rather than going into depth, these small but very important aspects of care are usually not mentioned in "big" reference textbooks, yet form an important aspect in everyday life. The line diagrams are clear, the text well written and even the paper has a quality feel!

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Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice / Edition 1

About this Textbook Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice summarizes adult and pediatric urological emergencies and their management, diagnosis and treatment, in a concise, relevant and readily available form. See All Customer Reviews.

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Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice / Edition 1

Overview Designed as a quick and easy reference, it fits in a lab coat pocket making it perfect for emergency situations Geared for a urology resident, chapters are organized in a similar structure as clinical board exams Most sections include useful hints and tips at the end of the each chapter. Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents 1. Scrotal and Genital Emergencies John Reynard and Hashim Hashim Torsion of the testis and testicular appendages Priapism Paraphimosis Foreign bodies in the urethra and attached to the penis 7. Post-Operative Emergencies after Urological Surgery Hashim Hashim and John Reynard Shock due to blood loss Anaphylaxis - after administration of intravenous contrast or antibiotics Scrotal swelling after scrotal surgery Wound dehiscence leading to burst abdomen Post-circumcision bleeding Blocked catheter post-TURP and clot retention The TUR syndrome Displaced catheter post-radical prostatectomy Compartment syndrome of the lower limb associated with the lithotomy position Mechanisms of LLCS in the lithotomy position 8.