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White papers often deal with complicated, highly technical subject matter. And that means speaking in plain language, designing pages for readability, and promoting white papers in places interested readers are likely to look. White Papers for Dummies begins with the basics of this often-misunderstood form.

8 Basic Tips for Writing an Amazing White Paper

What is a white paper, anyway? I finished WPFD with a clear understanding of a writing format that once might as well have been Greek. But my favorite things about this book are the writing tips and tidbits Graham drops along the way. After 15 years in the business and nearly white papers under his belt, That White Paper Guy has earned his title.

To edit your content, read it backwards.

First, read the last sentence, then the second-to-last sentence, and so on. This is a tedious process but it can help you catch missing or superfluous commas and spelling errors because you are able to read for grammar and punctuation without your mind jumping through the ideas and flow of the paper. Use your content — Now that your content is written, use the white paper as a call-to-action for other marketing activities.

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This shows customers you can provide more expertise in specific technical areas such as a product feature, industry trend, or technical process. For more helpful tips on how to create compelling content targeted towards engineers, download our free guide, Smart Marketing for Engineers. Creating smart marketing to promote the innovations of our world's leading engineering, science, and technology business leaders.

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Marketing Planning. Content Marketing.

Web Design. Pipeline Management.

Differences Between an eBook and a Whitepaper

Blog Contact. Are you controlling the costs of your recycling program? Is it sustainable? Communities all over the country are struggling with the impacts of Chinese regulation on the recycling market.

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Download this white paper […]. Historically, public entities have provided retiree health care through traditional group plans, offered by private insurance companies and administered by […]. These infrastructure assets affect our quality of life regardless of whether those assets are managed at the municipal, county, state or federal levels.

In […]. Emergencies occur across the nation, and have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past few years.

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  5. This white paper primarily addresses the two major types of emergency—natural and human-made—and the role procurement teams are called upon to fill […]. This guide contains practical steps to help public sector organizations and departments develop a text message policy and retention strategy that will improve the efficiency of fulfilling public records requests while reducing the overall drain on resources.